iOS 7.1 Update

A quick list of things I’m noticing:

  1. Animations are faster. Opening folders, apps, and going into various menus in the Settings app all feel faster and more responsive.
  2. There’s a subtle new design for “slide to unlock.” Seems like there should be a similar icon and design as with the new “slide to power off,” noted next.
  3. There’s a significant redesign of “slide to power off.” Both the sliding button and the cancel button have icons, and the display darkens as you slide. I don’t remember that being the case previously.
  4. Pulling up the Control Center or pulling down the Notification Center produces a bouncing effect on the overlay.
  5. I love holding down the home button for as long as I’m talking to Siri. I’d stopped using Siri because she’d always cut me off before I was done talking.
  6. The keyboard Shift key is redesigned. Double tapping to turn on CAPS LOCK shows a new icon to signify it’s on.
  7. The keyboard feels more responsive to me. I always felt like there was some kind of irritating hesitation with the iOS 7 keyboard, and would immediately sense a difference whenever I used an iOS 6 device.
  8. I still can’t get iCloud Tabs to work. Turned it off, turned it on, deleted iCloud on the iPhone, etc etc etc. Nothing works.
  9. There’s a weird horizontal line, only 20px wide or so, just above the word “Private” when there’s only one tab open in Safari. Feels sloppy.
  10. In the few moments I saw it, there’s a new answer call slider that matches the general design of the “slide to power off” slider. It also felt more responsive. I always seemed to have to swipe the previous answer call slider two or three times before it responded.

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