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Terrible UX of the Day: Thanks for the Panic Washington Healthplanfinder

I received the following automated email yesterday from Washington Healthplanfinder, our state’s insurance exchange: “Please log into your Washington Healthplanfinder account to view your Washington Apple Health Termination Notice notice.” And yes, “Notice notice” is theirs. Anyway, seeing the words “Termination Notice” sent me into panic mode, reading it as “Your insurance has been terminated, log […]

New WordPress Theme, Plugin, and Directory

Qwerty Last week I released Qwerty, a minimal, responsive, longform writing theme for WordPress. Currently it’s available to download on GitHub, but it’s in the queue for as well. Great care was taken to remove all unnecessary elements. You won’t find any external javascript dependencies*, complex image sprites, or heavy web fonts. I wanted to build […]

It’s Cool Seeing Your Creations in the Wild

Shortly after I made Mercury, I was contacted on Twitter by Justin Jackson about doing some small customizations. Last night I noticed he’d put some screenshots on the home page of Product People Club that featured Mercury. It looks great, and it’s cool knowing that in some small way I’m helping entrepreneurs get their products off the ground.

The Redesign of

I’d seen Scott speak at AEA Seattle in 2011 and had been following him on Twitter for some time, when this tweet popped into my timeline: Last call for web designers who want to work on a redesign of scottberkun-com #design #ux #webdev — Scott Berkun (@berkun) April 23, 2014 Working with someone with as much experience and expertise as Scott sounded great, and I was […]

Slate: A WordPress Admin Theme

Today I’m releasing Slate, a clean and simplified admin theme for WordPress 4.0. My goal was to simplify the visual design of the default admin theme, with a primary focus on the content writing experience. I’ve always found the default theme to be too busy, with separate boxes, background colors, borders and minimal padding between them. By […]

Uploading a Child Theme to the Theme Directory

I wanted to give a short overview of my experience uploading a child theme to the Theme Directory. I’m sure a decent amount of this advice is documented somewhere, and most of it was first-time-don’t-know-what-I’m-doing user error, but hopefully this might help someone avoid the goofy situation I experienced. When I first zipped and […]

Photographer Interviews at

Introducing, a little side project I started last month. I love photography and I’m always wondering how photographers capture their photos: tips, tricks, planning, gear, post processing, etc. is an effort to scratch that itch. I like reading the stories, and hope it can give others the inspiration it gives me.

Mercury: A WordPress P2 Child Theme

Mercury is a modern and responsive child theme for WordPress’s P2. The planet Mercury was “named Mercurius by the Romans because it appears to move so swiftly,” a little like P2. This is my first attempt at a child theme, and the first open source project I’ve worked on, so please be gentle! I’ve enjoyed […]

Local Myth Pizza

I had a lot of fun redesigning for some good friends of mine. Their restaurant is a bit quirky, and we wanted the design to match. And since restaurant websites are notorious for bad user experience, I wanted it to be as simple as possible and hit them right away with the information they need: menus, […]

The Internet as a Slideshow

I miss popups. Back then, at least you could close the window and quickly continue reading the content. Now, link after link, site after site, I find myself staring at a page wondering “Where’s the rest of this article?” only to realize “Oh, there’s a next button. Right above the ad I almost clicked that […]