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The Redesign of ScottBerkun.com

I’d seen Scott speak at AEA Seattle in 2011 and had been following him on Twitter for some time, when this tweet popped into my timeline: Last call for web designers who want to work on a redesign of scottberkun-com http://t.co/UyXCchY64z #design #ux #webdev — Scott Berkun (@berkun) April 23, 2014 Working with someone with as much experience and expertise as Scott sounded great, and I was […]

Local Myth Pizza

I had a lot of fun redesigning LocalMythPizza.com for some good friends of mine. Their restaurant is a bit quirky, and we wanted the design to match. And since restaurant websites are notorious for bad user experience, I wanted it to be as simple as possible and hit them right away with the information they need: menus, […]